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Bail Bonds Services

Whether you’re an attorney assisting a client with a bail bond, a customer looking for requested paperwork, or if you’re trying to find where your friend or loved one is in custody, Sanctuary is by your side! Speak to a bondsman/bonds agent anytime at 855-499-BAIL (2245).

Immigration, DUI, Surety Bail Bonds

Sanctuary Bail Bonds offers fast efficient service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We specialize in creating collateral solutions on any secure appearance bonds. We can also offer in some cases a short term payment plan on your bail fees. We have trained agents to help you to get your loved ones out of jail throughout the entire states of Arizona and California.

RIDES TO SANCTUARY - Bail Bonds Transportation

We understand that at times it might be difficult to secure your collateral and fees while incarcerated so we offer Rides To Sanctuary. Rides To Sanctuary is our transportation service that will dispatch trained transportation agents to the jails to pick up clients, take them to our office to complete all of the paperwork for the bond, secure their collateral and fees, and take them home. This additional fee can be included in their collateral or payment plan, depending on each client's needs.

Bounty Hunting & Fugitive Recovery

Why do you need a Sanctuary bail enforcement agent?

Surprisingly, bail enforcement is not the sole dominion of law enforcement officers and the courts. There are good reasons why the average person needs to be able to contact a good bail enforcement agent at any time:

  • A loved one leaves before a bail hearing. Unfortunately, juvenile delinquency, gang affiliation, drug use, and other problems mean that most of us know someone who's been in court. If your child or a loved one panics and leaves before their court date, they become a fugitive. To prevent further legal problems, a fugitive recovery agent can help bring back your family member in time for their court case or trial.
  • A criminal threatening your family skips bond. If you've been the victim of fraud, theft, or any crime, you naturally want the person responsible to take full responsibility for their actions. A criminal who is a direct threat to your family or business may simply leave town or leave the state. When this occurs, law enforcement may not always be vigorous and tracking them down. Getting a fugitive recovery agent can help you determine exactly where the person is and can help ensure that justice is served.

When a defendant fails to appear for court, it becomes a concerning situation for indemnitors and attorneys alike. Our staff of trained Recovery Agents (Bounty Hunters) can help to locate the client and surrender them back to the court system. We offer safe, professional and secure recovery services in order to prevent forfeiture of the bond and collateral.

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Arizona Drug and Rehab Facilities

Sometimes it takes an extra helping hand for a person to get back on their feet. We've assembled a list of quality facilities that can assist with the different needs for each individual.

River Source
108 E. 2nd Ave
Mesa, AZ 85210

Non Profit Drug & Alcohol Rehab Referral & Placement Service

Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Centers

The Sundance Center

The Meadows
1655 N. Tegner St.
Wickenburg, AZ 85390

A Sober Way Home
195 Place Dr.
Prescott, AZ 85303

A Better Today Recovery Services
10267 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85253

Community Bridges

The Crossroads

Arizona Notary Public available

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